Cruelty Against Animals

Witness to acts of negligence or cruelty?

Too many cases of negligence, abuse or cruelty towards animals still exist today. Have you witnessed any of these situations? Please don’t hesitate to contact the Eastern Townships SPA at 819-821-4727, extension 5. Your call will be kept strictly confidential and will allow SPA inspectors to help animals in need.

You are the voice of those who cannot speak. When you inform the Eastern Townships SPA of a suspicious situation, its inspectors travel to the scene to evaluate the severity of the situation and intervene if necessary. Depending on how critical the situation is, many different measures may be taken, from giving simple recommendations to opening a file with the Crown who will, if necessary, lay charges.

You can also file a report with the program Échec au crime, at 1-800-711-1800 or fill out an electronic form at (only available in French: on the home page, click “Signalement en ligne”). All reports are anonymous.   

What is negligence or cruelty towards an animal?

Negligence or cruelty towards animals can take many forms and is regulated by municipal bylaws, by the Animal Health Protection Act (RSQ, c P-42) at the provincial level, and by the Criminal Code of Canada. A person commits an offense by:

  • Neglecting or not providing food, water, or shelter, as well as necessary care appropriate to the species and age of the animal;
  • Not keeping the space where the pet is kept in good sanitary condition;
  • Leaving a pet alone in a car on a hot day;
  • Abandoning an animal in distress in order to get rid of it;
  • Not treating or euthanizing a pet if it is injured or suffers from a medical condition;
  • Organizing, participating, encouraging or attending animal fights in any way;
  • Being cruel, abusing, molesting, harassing or provoking an animal.  

Depending on the severity of the infractions, any person who violates these conditions can face charges under the Animal Health Protection Act (RSQ, c P-42) and the Criminal Code of Canada.