Nuisance Cases

To live in society, we generally accept certain minor annoyances such as traffic noise or our neighbour's lawnmower. The same goes for cats that wander freely about the neighbourhood.

However, when one of these felines damages our personal property or disrupts our comfort, how should we react? We invite you to read the brochure Un chat vous importune?* Different solutions are offered in order to live in harmony with your four-legged neighbours.

Do you receive visits from small mammals who love rummaging through your household garbage or your vegetable garden, or who enjoy landscaping your flowerbed? The brochure Un petit mammifère vous importune?* offers advice on how to avoid attracting small mammals to your home or to oust them if they've already taken the habit of visiting.

Are you experiencing a nuisance case? Please contact the Eastern Townships SPA at 819-821-4727, option 5.

* Available in French only