The Eastern Townships SPA makes it its duty to care for all animals in need.

Our shelter welcomes all animals, free-of-charge, whether they are strays, abandoned, injured, or whose “parents” can no longer care for them. This gives these animals a chance to be reclaimed by their family or being adopted by a new loving family.

If you come across an injured animal or a stray, please contact us or bring the animal to our shelter. If you can no longer care for your pet, you may bring your animal to the Eastern Townships SPA at no cost. The information that you will provide us will help our adoption staff find a new family who will appreciate your pet’s personality and characteristics.

Our shelter provides the following services:

  • We take in all animals, free-of-charge, whether they are strays, abandoned, injured, or whose “parents“ can’t care for them anymore.
  • We receive, register and treat each and every request made by the authorities (police) or citizens regarding either a stray or an animal considered a nuisance as defined by the municipal bylaw. Moreover, the ambulance-patrol officer is authorized to collect abandoned or stray animals.
  • We take steps to locate the owner of a stray animal brought to our shelter and we manage claims of lost pets. If your pet is missing, contact us as soon as possible.
  • We hold every stray animal for a minimum of 48 hours after arriving at the shelter, unless the animal is reclaimed before that time or has to be euthanized due to a severe physical condition. Following that 48-hour period, the Eastern Townships SPA  takes whatever steps are necessary and in keeping with the animal’s well-being (depending on the condition of the animal, the latter will be placed for adoption or euthanized).
  • We accept, free-of-charge, any deceased companion animal;
  • We provide canine behavior consultations to “parents” who have communication or behavior problems with their dog.