Road Service

Protecting Animals and Resolving Conflicts in Order to Promote Harmony

Every action our patrol officers take has but one goal: to promote harmony between animals and humans who share a common territory. It is with this in mind that patrol officers respond to calls from citizens. The purpose of their road presence is to rescue animals in distress, increase awareness in the population regarding various issues, resolve neighbourhood conflicts and encourage tolerance in all of its form.

The Road Service includes:

  • An inspection service that receives and verifies complaints regarding animal abuse and inquires about laws and procedures in order to carry out seizures when necessary. We make it our duty to get involved in various interventions dealing with cruelty towards animals; 
  • Receiving, registering and treating each and every request made by the authorities (police) or citizens regarding either a stray or an animal considered a nuisance as defined by the municipal bylaw. Moreover, the ambulance-patrol officer is authorized to collect abandoned or stray animals.
  • An animal control service that responds to urgent calls, rescues stray animals on the road, carries out regular road patrols, issues offence notices or statements of offence in negligence or cruelty cases, and responds to cases of animal mistreatment;
  • An emergency service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling the police. Outside SPA business hours, the police services contact the SPA road patrol officer on duty, if required.