The Best Guarantee for a Long and Enjoyable Cohabitation!

The Eastern Townships SPA has the mandate to find good adoption families for as many animals as possible who end up in its shelter.

That is why the SPA does everything in its power to make sure each adoption is the best family-animal match.

Our Adoption Activities

Our Monthly Participation to the TV Show ''La Vie en Estrie''

Our Partnership for Injured Homeless Pets

An Appointment You Will not Want to Miss! 

During a visit to our shelter, you are invited to meet with an adoption clerk who will guide you throughout the process and help you determine which animal suits you best. Once the animal’s profile has been established, you can consult the file cards that describe the pets available for adoption. You will find out about their history and learn more about their habits and even their personality traits! And, who knows, this might be the moment you will find your perfect match!

One-of-a-Kind Animals

At the Eastern Townships SPA, you will find a vast choice of cats and dogs of different ages and breeds, and occasionally, a few birds or rodents. All animals up for adoption have undergone a health exam. All cats and dogs have received their first vaccine and deworming treatment and have been spayed or neutered. And since December 2004, all are micro-chipped, an advantage rarely found elsewhere!

These animals ended up at the SPA shelter for various reasons:  moving, allergies, a breakup, a new baby, lack of time, etc. Well-educated, they are waiting for that magic moment when they will live once again within a family. When you consider the fact that you are giving a second chance to an animal in need, adopting at the Eastern Townships SPA makes all the sense in the world.

Two Ways in Which to Learn About our Animals 

  • Visit our website, where we post many photos of our cats and dogs.
  • Visit our shelter during business hours.  Our adoption rooms are open to the public.

Microchips... The Best Chips Ever!

The cat or dog you adopt at the Eastern Townships SPA is micro-chipped. This will greatly improve your chances of finding your pet if he or she should ever get lost. About the size of a grain of rice, the microchip is painlessly inserted under the animal’s skin and contains a code that identifies that animal. Thus, if your pet loses his or her ID tag or happens not to be wearing it when running off, the microchip will be the last means of identification linking your pet to you. As a result, your pet will be safely returned to the comfort of his home.

Making an Adoption Request

You can make an adoption request for a dog or a cat at the Eastern Townships SPA.  If you have a specific idea of the pet you wish to adopt, our staff will take down the information that is relevant to your request.  When we receive an animal who matches a specific request, we contact a maximum of three people who made a similar request. The SPA expects individuals who made an adoption request to follow through by coming in and seeing the animal selected for their consideration. Adoption requests are kept for three months. Anyone wishing to renew the request is invited to contact the SPA.

Adopting an Animal from the Eastern Townships SPA:  A Single Action with Several Advantages!

By adopting, you are first of all changing the life course of an abandoned animal by offering him a second chance in a new home. By choosing to adopt an animal at the Eastern Townships SPA, you are also supporting the animal cause. Since the funds generated from adoptions are reinvested toward activities that are in line with our mission, you are playing a role in helping other animals in need. Through your support, you are indeed affirming your concern for the well-being of animals. And finally, adopting at the SPA has many benefits:

  • A vast choice of animals, on site, available for adoption;
  • Cats and dogs of different breeds and ages, who are micro-chipped and spayed or neutered;
  • A 15-day health guarantee. All pets are examined by animal health technicians;
  • Advice from professionals who guide you in your choice of a pet or offer recommendations;

Very competitive adoption fees.