Registering your Pet: Advantageous and Mandatory

Every day, the Eastern Townships SPA receives calls from saddened persons worried about their pet who has run away. Unfortunately, in too many cases, these cats and dogs are not registered, or are not wearing the ID tag provided by the Eastern Townships SPA. The probability that they may find their way back home is thus much lower than those who are duly registered, and proudly displaying their ID tag.

To register your pet, click here.

To update your dog's file, click here.

Did you know that 99% of lost pets…

  • Wearing their ID tag
  • And being reported to the Eastern Townships SPA by the citizens who have found them

… Find their way back home thanks to their ID tag?


Two simple gestures that ensure the safety of the pet you love.

  • The Eastern Townships SPA ID tag: A Clear Indication that Your Pet Has a Family AND the Best Tool to Find You
  • The Eastern Townships SPA ID tag: ESSENTIAL in Case of an Accident
  • The Eastern Townships SPA ID Tag: Unique and Superior to Any Other ID Tag
  • How to Register Your Pet and Obtain His ID Tag
  • Payment for Pet Registration
  • How to Cancel a Registration
  • Revenues That Go a Long Way
  • How to Contact Us

Enregistrer votre animal : facile et efficace! (Video available in French only)

L’autre côté de la médaille (Video available in French only)