Adopting at the Eastern Townships SPA: an attractive option!

The Eastern Townships SPA offers up for adoption a vast choice of cats of all ages and breeds. These pets ended up at our shelter for various reasons: moving, allergies, separation, new-born, lack of time, etc.

In most cases, they are well-trained and are just hoping to give love to a new family again. Come and meet them!


 Adoption fees

  • Adult Cat                                                     $175
  • Kitten                                                          $200
  • Pure breed Cat or Declawed Cat                $200
  • Prix AMI Cat (at our shelter for a while)     $125
  • Mommy & Me*                                            $280

*The ''Mommy & Me'' program aims the adoption of both the mother and the kitten, together.

Considering that the average sterilization cost in the region is of $150, adopting a cat at the Eastern Townships SPA is an attractive option and a responsible choice!

Why adopt the Eastern Townships SPA?