The Microchip

The microchip is a means of identification that is complementary to the ID tag. It is subcutaneous and invisible and has to be read with a specialized scanner.

Even if your pet has a microchip, he or she needs to wear the Eastern Townships SPA ID tag at all times because it clearly informs your neighbourhood that this animal has a guardian. If your pet gets lost or runs away, this tag will encourage the person who finds your animal to contact us.

  • If your pet gets lost and is not wearing his or her tag, loses it, or if someone takes it off, the microchip will allow your animal to be identified.

In fact, if your animal ends up at the Eastern Townships SPA, scanning for the microchip will allow our staff to retrieve your information instantly and contact you without delay.

Every time a dog or a cat is brought to our shelter, we scan the animal for a microchip. Several veterinarians also have a microchip scanner.

  • Implanted in all of our animals up for adoption, the microchip does not, however, function as a GPS. It is therefore impossible to use it to locate your animal.

If you move or give your animal away, it is very important to notify the Eastern Townships SPA and the microchip distributor. The number on the microchip is in a database and corresponds to the name and telephone number of the animal’s guardian.

Finally, see for yourself the advantages of the microchip. The following touching story of a reunion would not have been possible without the microchip…