Spaying and neutering: the option to overcome abandonment

In the Eastern Townships, as everywhere else in North America, the cat and dog overpopulation problem is a true issue. Every each, at the Eastern Townships SPA only, we welcome about 400 pets each month. And unfortunately, it is the same situation every month, year after year…

The number of animals coming in at our shelter could be much inferior if these pets would have been spayed or neutered. On average, only 22% of dogs and a meagre 9% of cats welcomed under our roof are sterilized.

Spaying and neutering to overcome abandonment

Did you know that…

  • 4 years are enough for a couple of cats and their descendants to beget more than 20,000 cats?
  • And 7 years for a couple of dogs and their litter to give birth to 4,000 dogs?

For both cats and dogs, spaying and neutering is the only option to overcome abandonment. There is no doubt about it: the more there will be spayed and neutered pets, the less there will be unwanted, abandoned or neglected cats and dogs.

The thousands of kittens and puppies who won’t be brought into the world will not be indeed left alone, abandoned or stray. Even though it may not seem very important, on the contrary, each spaying or neutering act has in fact an enormous impact. 

Many Advantages

Having your pet spayed or neutered is a humane gesture; not only are you helping to overcome the suffering of thousands of unwanted pets, but you are also offering your pet an optimal life.

  • A decrease in the risks of malignant tumors
  • A decrease of fighting injuries
  • A decrease of unpleasant behaviors
  • Saved lives
  • A lot less expenses

Leaflet on spaying and neutering (available in French only)

An adapted environment

Plenty of quality food, fresh water, a clean litter box, an annual examination…

Social contacts and physical activities

Love and fun

This will make your pet a happy cat or a happy dog!

The only option to choose: spaying and neutering!