Why Adopt at the Eastern Townships SPA

Because it is a responsable choice!
The Eastern Townships SPA has the mandate to find loving adoption families to the largest number of animals welcomed under its roof. That is why the SPA does everything in its power to make each adoption the best possible family-animal match. It’s the best guarantee for a long and enjoyable cohabitation!


An appointment you will not want to miss!
When visiting our shelter, you are invited to meet with an adoption specialist who will guide you throughout the process and help you determine which animal suits you best.

Once the profile of your desired pet is established, you will consult the file cards that describe the animals available for adoption. You will find out more about their history and their habits and maybe even some of their personality traits!

An Advantageous Option
All of our boarders are spayed or neutered, microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated, advantages rarely found elsewhere.

Adoption costs are also quite advantageous, for both cats and dogs. When we consider that sterilization costs range in the region between $115 and $260, adoption is an interesting option!

Loving and healthy animals 
The Eastern Townships SPA offers up for adoption: 

  • a vast choice of cats and dogs of every age, and of pure or mix breeds;
  • and occasionally, a few birds or rodents.  

These animals are at the shelter for various reasons:

  • moving
  • allergies
  • separation
  • new born
  • lack of time
  • etc.

Healthy and, most of them, well-trained, these orphans adapt easily to a new environment. They are simply waiting for the moment when once again they will live within a loving family.

How to meet them…

  • visit them Monday through Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m;
  • consult www.spaestrie.qc.ca;
  • listen to the list of animals ready for adoption at 819-821-4727, option 6.

Offer a new life to a loving pet
by adopting at the Eastern Townships SPA.

A responsible choice!