The Mandatory ID Tag

The ID Tag: So that you can find me!

Every year, 3,000 animals get lost on the territory served by the Eastern Townships SPA. That is why wearing an ID tag is so important for your animal.

The Eastern Townships SPA has an agreement with more than twenty municipalities to ensure the registration of cats and dogs as well as license renewals. Upon registration of an animal, we give a certificate and a tag to be placed around your animal’s neck. Given that 99% of lost pets who are brought to the shelter and who are wearing their license tag go back home, compared to only 15% for lost pets who are not wearing one, this measure makes all the more sense.

Because our shelter receives thousands of animals every year, it is very difficult for us to determine who the guardian is of a lost cat or a dog not wearing a tag. That is why wearing a tag is so important. When a lost animal is brought to our shelter, his or her tag allows us to contact the guardian immediately, who can then come to pick up the animal. Furthermore, anyone who finds a lost animal knows he or she belongs to someone and can contact the Eastern Townships SPA thanks to the phone number displayed on the tag.

Remember, your pet’s tag should be worn around his or her neck at all times, even if your pet lives indoors. Indeed, what would happen if your pet escaped through an improperly closed door or a window? Once outside, an animal might panic and be unable to return to the safety of home.

If your pet loses the tag, please contact the Eastern Townships SPA in order to obtain a new one.