Mission and Values

The Eastern Townships SPA, which was founded in 1978, is one of the most important organizations of its kind in Quebec, due to its various and ongoing services to more than 25 municipalities in the Eastern Townships.

The SPA is a registered charitable organization and is managed by committed volunteers who care about the welfare of animals. It is a well-known and respected organization with an experienced team of over 30 employees. The Eastern Townships SPA serves close to 225,000 residents in the region.


Our Mission

Protect animals and foster harmony between animals and humans. Together with the population, develop respect for animals and awareness of their suffering in order to improve their quality of life.

The Eastern Townships SPA provides more than 20 different services aimed at improving the life conditions of animals, but also to better equip their guardians. In addition to operating a shelter that welcomes animals that are lost, undesired, abandoned, injured or in distress, the SPA is also responsible for:

  • Finding adoption families for the largest number possible of animals;
  • Fostering harmony between animals and humans sharing a common territory through its road service;
  • Rescuing animals who are in distress through investigations;
  • Insuring the safety of dogs and cats by registering them yearly;
  • Working to prevent abandonments by offering a consultation service as well as canine education classes;
  • Raising awareness, informing, and educating citizens about the multiple aspects of animal welfare and protection through different communication actions and public activities.


Working Proactively to Better Prepare for Tomorrow

Being a reference organization in the province, the SPA looks beyond its daily tasks. Focused on prevention, the Eastern Townships SPA spares no effort to constantly be abreast of the latest trends, new practices and latest research results in order to constantly improve the wellbeing and safety of animals.


Our Values

Respect for Life

Respect for humans, for animals and for their environment in order to ensure quality of life for all.


The recognition of rights, duties, merits and faults of each and everyone; the fair treatment of animals.


Unwavering pursuit of our objectives despite obstacles and opposition.


Our Vision

Set the standard and lead the way in promoting the protection and welfare of animals in the Eastern Townships.